Tarantino’s Hollywood Blvd

On any ordinary day, I wouldn’t even humor my blog with talks of modern movies. When I created this site three months ago, I made a solemn oath to focus only on motion pictures pre-1970. However, my Hollywood adventure this week was cute enough to bleed into movie history and deserves a little mention.

This week, facades went up on Hollywood Blvd. that time-travelled Los Angeles back to 1969. There were background actors walking around the streets in ’60s attire, and I assumed pretty well what movie was being filmed: Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

The picture takes place in 1969 Los Angeles around the time when the Golden Age transitioned into New Hollywood, and the movie business completely changed. The studio system collapsed and hippies prowled the streets. Of course, the most interesting aspect of the picture will be how it tackles the Manson murders.

While it’s a star-studded film, it’s the throwback location that really interests me. I love places like Musso & Frank’s, Dan Tana’s, Larry Edmund’s, and Tower Records – places that really defined L.A. culture. Los Angeles notoriously never preserves its own history so being able to travel back in time like this really tickles me pink.

Check out these Elaine Hanelock illustrations behind Musso & Frank’s Grill, where a majority of the filming took place. I sure hope they stay up!

A shop was converted into an old TV repair shop, full of Kodak film and Zenith TV sets. Now that’s vintage.

Finally when I had my fill of ’60s Hollywood., I made a beeline off the boulevard . Off to a side-street, I actually ran into director Quentin Tarantino, escaping the heat wave back into his trailer! Ain’t that something?

Footlights: In the Shoes of the Tramp πŸ‘£

Roy Export Company Ltd.

Having lived in Los Angeles for a while and being always humbled that I get to walk through Hollywood history on a daily basis, I sometimes forget that the most average streets may hold some kind of connection to yesterday’s Golden Age.

As a history buff, my love of classic movies runs deeper than just the content of the pictures and the people involved – I love the vintage culture of L.A. back in those days and the early history of Hollywood, when Echo Park was Edendale and Tudor Revival was all the rage with the movie stars.

For this month’s Charlie Chaplin Blogathon, I decided to do a semi-exhaustive location scout of some of the more prominent houses and studios Charlie Chaplin reigned over – and see what they look like now. I wanted to limit my adventure to Los Angeles itself, and the important locations he lived and worked at.

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