Classic Film Summer Reading


over at Out of the Pastย announced a challenge so wonderful, so delightful, and so summery that I couldn’t help but sign up in an instant – though it took me a week or so to figure out my selections.

It’s the 2018 Summer Reading Challenge. With everything going on in life lately, I haven’t been able to read for fun as much, but that is all about to change, as I’ve finally figured out six books relating to classic film that would be tremendous fun to tackle.

The challenge runs until September 15, 2018 so I better start reading! You can follow the action on Twitter using the hashtag #ClassicFilmReading.


F. Scott Fitzgerald & the Tragedy of Hollywood


F. Scott Fitzgerald is my all-time favorite author.ย The Great Gatsby is one of those books I can read time and time again because its lyrical prose speaks to the heart of the human condition. Every little line of dialog says something about the grace or fault of frail humans in society.

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